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In the typical local gastronomy, tradition and history mix together to create dishes unique for their taste and their quality, obtained today with the same methods and the same ingredients of the past.

The most important typical products are

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
appreciated for its organoleptic qualities

sausages obtained with pork meat seasoned with sweet or hot dried red peppers, salt and fennel

so called because it was in the past the sausages of the poor, obtained with the less nobles parts of the pig, minced and seasoned with garlic and sweet or hot dried red peppers, today a Slow Food Presidium

a kind of sausages obtained with pork meat seasoned with salt and pepper and after a short period of seasoning, pressed to give it its particular shape

obtained with traditional method, from the fermentation of grapes produced in the vineyards around the village

The caciocavallo podolico
a cheese obtained from the milk of particular cow breed, typical of the area

The casillo
a round shape cheese obtained with goat milk trough a long method of production; this cheese is suitable both for a fresh and a seasoned use

The manteca
a fresh cheese with a butter heart

The “gnumurill”
rolled lamb entrails seasoned with parsley, garlic and chilli, rolled with pork guts, cooked at the fire

The peperoni “cruschl”
dried sweet peppers fried in extra virgin olive oil

The horseradish
called the “poor truffle”, a radish used both to season home-made pasta together with cheese and to prepare the “rafanata”, a dish typical of the carnival period, which consists in fried omelette made of horseradish, eggs, and cheese

growing in the wood around the village, belonging to the common species but also to the most precious species such as edible boletus and ovules
These and other ingredients are mixed together to obtain delicious dishes such as home-made pasta with “pezzente” sauce; curl pasta with dried cod sauce, dried grape and bread; “podolico” veal in the “pastoral” way; “cavolo e ‘ncantarata”; oranges and dried olives salad, licurda, “pizza palomma”, fried herbs, etc.
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