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Religiuos Feasts
Madonna della grotta
The rite celebrating Our Lady of the Assumption occurs twice in a year, the last Sunday of May, when the statue of the Madonna is brought in procession from the village toward the place called “grotta” (the cave), few kilometres far from the village. Here the statue is placed inside a niche excavated in the rock, remaining there for some months. The population participate to the religious rite and the end of it, they have a picnic in the countryside.

On the 15th of August, the believers reach the “grotta”, where the statue has been placed in May to celebrate a Mass and receive a Blessing and, after that, to bring the Statue in procession back to the village, praying, singing and lightning the way with votive candles.
St. Antonhy
He is feasted on June 13th. The procession following the Mass is characterised by the presence of animals such as horses and donkeys, decorated with coloured ribbons, waiting the end of the procession to receive the Blessing.
St. Jacob
St. Jacob is the Saint patron of Cirigliano and he is feasted on July 25th. After the morning Mass, the believers bring the Saint in procession, holding the Statue on their shoulders. The afternoon is dedicated to common games such as the tug-of-war, running with the sacks, “spaghetti” eating race. The evening and the night are instead dedicated to music shows. There is a legend linked to the Saint: it is said that in case of calamities such as drought or landslide, the statue of the Saint was brought in procession to protect the population from the calamity.
St. Rocco
The feast is celebrated on August, 16th. After the Mass and the procession, at night a music show entertains the population and the tourists. In the past times, the believers, to thank the Saint for the received mercy, offered him a quantity of wheat equal to their weight. This measuring was made on a steelyard placed before the Saint.
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