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Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions
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Shipping and delivery
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Terms and conditions
Information about the web site is the web site through which the following society sells online its products:

SAPORI MEDITERRANEI di Giovanni Ciliberti
Registered office: Via Regina Elena, 58
75010 Cirigliano (MT)
VAT number: 01167710779
REA number: 77649
Tel: +39 0835 563028 Fax: +39 0835 1851809

Purchase contract
All purchases made on this web site are governed by these terms and conditions,which are written accordinf the the Italian Laws D.Lgs. 70/2003 concerning e-commercee and D.Lgs. 206/2005, and by the conditions expressed in the web site area called "Ho to buy", "Shipping and transport cost" and "Privacy".
We invite the client to read, save and print terms and condition before placing an order.
Changes of terms and conditions will be sent to the Client and will be valid starting from the moment of pubblication and applied to the contracts started after this moment. The placement of the order has to be intended as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Through our e-commerce area the Client is freee to buy all the products available in the pages.
The order placed by the Client to SAPORI MEDITERRANEI through this web site must be filled in each part and include all the information to identify the Client,the ordered products, the delivery address to be valid.
The order is sent to SAPORI MEDITERRANEI after the payment through the available payment systems.
We will confirm acceptance of your order. This will occur by us sending an e-mail to the e-mail address you have provided to us.
Cancellation rights
The Client has the right to cancel the contract without penalty up to 7 working days following the delivery of the goods by notifying us by e-mail at In the notification the Client has to specify the product or the product he wants to cancel. SAPORI MEDITERRANEI will pick up, at its own expenses, the product/products and will arrange with the Client for goods to be returned.
SAPORI MEDITERRANEI will deliver goods to the Client according the conditions expressed in the section Shipping and delivery.
Price and method of payment
The prices shown in the different section of the web site are inclusive of any Value Added or other tax.
The prices of the goods are those quoted on the web site at the time the Client confirms the order.
The prices can change and those shown in the web site are the valid ones.
The total amount of the order, included the delivery charge, has to be paid at the end of buying procedure.
The payments are made through the PAY PAL system.
Warranty and liability
SAPORI MEDITERRANEI ensures that goods as those shown in the web site will be delivered to the Client. The producer is also responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of what written on the packaging.
The images and photos shown in the web site are given by the producer to help the Client in recognising products; changes on packaging could cause non exact correspondence between the photos and the delivered goods.
Civil disputes concerning the contract are subject to the Italian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian court of the residence area of the Client.
All contracts are subject to the Italian law also for everything is not expressed in these terms and conditions.

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