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Slow Food Presidium
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Slow Food Presidium
Sapori Mediterranei is a producer of a salami called Pezzente della Montagna Materana, producted in Cirigliano (MT) which is a Slow Food Presidium
Pezzente of Matera Mountains
The name of this cured meat means “beggar” and recalls the sausage’s humble origins.
Made from inferior cuts of pork, mixed with ground sweet and spicy peppers, wild fennel, fresh minced garlic and sea salt, Pezzente is usually enjoyed sliced with good country bread.
It can also be used in a tomato sauce for homemade pasta, or added to a flavorful dish of chicory, chard and escarole cooked in an earthenware pot.

The Presidium
The Slow Food Presidia are vrrtuos example of a new model of agriculture, based on quality, use of ancient knoledges and production methods, on the respect of the seasons, on the health of animals.
The Presidia safe good products, of high quality and radicated in the territory; clean product, obtained from substainable method; right products, made in respectful work conditions.
The Presidia products reinforce the local economies and allow the creation of a strong alliance between the producers and the consumers.
The presidia products carry the logo "Slow Food Presidium" on the pack, a logo which identify them and garantee that the producer is respecting a production disciplinary oriented to the respect of the tradition and to the environmental sustainability.
The production area
Production area: Municipalities of Accettura, Aliano, Calciano, Cirigliano, Garaguso, Gorgoglione, Oliveto Lucano, Stigliano and Tricarico (in the Province of Matera).
period of production
The Pezzente production is made from november to march. The minimun seasoning period is 2 weeks for a product to be consumed cooked and 3 weeks for a product to be consumed raw.
Slow Food Presidum

Slow Food promote the right to the pleasure, at the table and not ony. Slow Food studies and spread agriculturale and gastronomical traditions all over the world, to give the nowadays pleasure to next generations.

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