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Stone manufacturing
The village, from the castle to the houses of the historical centre, is totally built in stone, the stone of Cirigliano, to testify the important role that this element has played for the inhabitants of the village. The stone of Cirigliano (geologically called “arenaria feldspatica”), still today extracted from the local caves, represents an important resource and an occasion of development for the local craft, considering that it is exported all over the world and being an important economical resource for those who work it and sell it. This kind of stone is used in flooring and covering as well to obtain furniture elements, both for interns and externs, modern and refined such as portals, fireplaces and garden elements. The stone of Cirigliano is particularly suitable to restore historical centres, monuments, squares and historical buildings. Squared and chiselled, the stone is used to obtain works of precious workmanship.
Wood manufacturing
In the past times, the wood manufacturing was extremely spread, consisting in object production of small size (such as basins, ladles, flasks, etc.) and big size (such as doors, furniture, windows, etc.). In Cirigliano, today the carpenter job has disappeared; we just have few examples of persons that have changed the pragmatic character of the job into an artistic character, realising wooden sculptures, inspired to the rural and religious tradition.
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